Pure Taboo: Troubled Teen Mom + Daddy Issues = The Psychiatrist


Pure Taboo. The name is not a misnomer. They hit the ground running with this full length (One Hour plus!) preview clip. You will probably see me talk a lot about Pure Taboo in the future. They are the gods of full feature, perfect casting, great acting, amazing cinematics, and pretty sizzling scenes. They are also pushing taboos to the limit with their series. In facts, this ‘daddy issues’ one is probably one of the less ‘taboo’ that I’m covering lately. That’s right, faux wincest is the least taboo thing I am covering for Pure Taboo. Let that sink in a bit.

The plot line is old as love itself. Girl meets boy. Boy falls for girl. Girl throws away her baby and meets a shrink who will determine her fate in court. The shrink is, of course, very legit and not at all about to take advantage of his client. It’s all in the name of science and human decency, of course!

The acting in Pure Taboo is top notch. It really does set the scene and the tone is hugely important here. Jill Kassidy and Tommy Pistol pull out all stops and it really makes the show. Yes, the sex is great (seriously, if you have any sort of daddy/daughter fetish, you need to see this) but it’s the acting around the sex that makes this film worth watching for an hour plus.

That’s what I love about Pure Taboo—they go the extra mile and produce some of the best full length movies with plot and introspective points that I’ve seen in or out of the adult film industry. I was rather engrossed with the story even before the first line of clothing came off. Pure Taboo is putting out movies that could stand on their own against most things cable or Netflix produces.

I wish I could show you the full stills form this film as it does get really hot—Tommy Pistol and Jill Kassidy are both great actors, but they also have great chemistry in all of their elongated scenes, if you know what I mean. I can’t show you any of these scenes because, well, SFW rules here (and plus my dad is sitting right next to me as I type this, so yeah…shhhhhh…..). You will have to go over to Pure Taboo to see what the fuss is about. Remember, this is a full one hour movie you can preview for free. Get some popcorn and a bit of that butter, it’s going to be a long groovy night.


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