Nappily Ever After


Most of us struggle in order for us to look amazing in front of other people, either personally or through social media. Which is not what it’s supposed to be. This is what this amazing movie from Netflix, Nappily Ever After, is all about. We should look and feel good about ourselves and for ourselves and not for the sake of pleasing others.

Violet (played by Sanaa Lathan) struggles every day to make herself look — not pretty, but perfect. It started when she was 10 when her mother who loves her so much just wants her to look perfect. Like it’s easy. They spend hours straightening her hair and dressed whatever her mom tells her and she ever since then she’s thinking of living up to her mother’s perfectionist standard.

Until she realized that life isn’t perfect.

This movie can be watched through Netflix and it has a very wonderful message in self-love and embracing your flaws. I’m not sure if there are other movies like this, but in my experience, this is one unique movie not just revolving about realizing love for another individual (spoiler: the movie doesn’t tell who she ends up with) but learning to love yourself both the good and the bad and just experience life.


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