Like Father


Kristen Bell is yet on another comedy film again but this time, it is NOT a love story. I remember watching When In Rome and I found that Kristen Bell has this popular girl look but at the same time, she can be hilarious. She can sing, too! Kristen Bell is Rachel in Like Father, a movie you can watch in Netflix, where she’s a workaholic superwoman who can’t put her phone down for a minute and just focus on her wedding!

Rachel was supposed to get married but Owen (her boyfriend) found out on the altar that he is actually marrying someone who is married to her work and he left her on the altar. Surprisingly, her father (Harry) whose been absent almost her entire life ( for 26 years) suddenly resurfaced. It was not planned but Rachel ended up going to the Caribbean honeymoon cruise that her now ex boyfriend Owen bought for them — with her dad!

This is a good movie for the family especially those who are so busy with their lives and have not been in contact with your family members. It’s a good movie to reflect that sometimes we have to stop, breathe and chillax with our family even if you just have to squeeze it in between our crazy schedules, meetings and work.


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