Sexy Daphne Blake by Charlette Kilby


I’m a simple man… I see sexy cosplay, I share it at!

I have a special treat that may feed your nostalgia appetite.

Looks like the glorious Charlette Kilby has enraptured viewers with her delectable yet scandalous cosplay of Daphne Blake, bound to earn the praise from many Scooby Doo fans alike. This isn’t your ordinary cosplay though! No, no, no! Ms. Kilby gracing viewers with an original lingerie cosplay and exposing her intimate undergarments for only us to see (sorry Fred, sorry Shaggy)!

Daphne Blake – yes that’s her last name! Yes, I’m well aware that it’s hard to remember the last names of the Mystery Inc., members. I mean, hell, I couldn’t even remember their first names. I sometimes referred Fred as ‘The Jock’ and Shaggy as ‘The Dude that’s High’.

Although my friends always referred her as the ‘hot one’, I myself always had a thing for the cute nerdy-type girls like Velma… but I must say, after viewing this cosplay gallery, I’m actually leaning more towards Daphne now. Thanks Charlette, you brought me over to Team Daphne. Good job!

I digress, it’s difficult not to appreciate such extraordinary detail to the cosplay. Not only that, but the colors of the lingerie are a perfect match to that of the original Daphne outfit.

Want to see more of Daphn- I mean Charlette Kilby? You can check her out on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.

These clever photos are by the amazing Paul Beard.










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