Miette Dark Elf Cosplay From World of Warcraft.


Miette, from CosplayErotica, is suiting up in this photo shoot as one of the night elves from World of Warcraft. She is the perfect women to pull off the elf look too, with her fair skin, beautifully soft face, and petite stature. There is something so appealing about elves aside from just their looks, it’s their grace and Miette is able to perfectly capture that in this shoot.

Miette is wearing some scantily clad armor that may not do much for her in a fight, but it sure is doing something for me. She is also holding a big sword that says she is not only gorgeous but that she is dangerous too. She looks so comfortable with it in her hands, you got to love a girl that knows how to handle a big sword.

The night elves (or kaldorei, which means “Children of the Stars” in their native tongue of Darnassian) are among the oldest known races in World Of Warcraft lore. They also like having fun with Pick UP Groups (PUGs)


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