Bellarein as Harley Quinn From Suicide Squad


The DCEU Suicide Squad movie may have been a failure, but it did give us a Margot Robbie as the insane Harley Quinn. Ballarein is dressed up in some light cosplay as the star of the film. She’s got the famous “Daddy’s Lil Monster” shirt and the pigtails. And, while she may not have the makeup to match the movie that may just be ok because there is nothing to cover the performer’s beautiful face.

I love how this performer has it all, the looks, a fun room, entertaining music, and she’s willing to tease her fans enough to make it interesting.

Hello there! Welcome to a real CB-addict model! Intelligent, sexy, dominant, splendid – it`s all about me. Don`t waste your time and just try me, and soon you`ll become addicted to me!
My interests are contemporary art, chess, rock music and reading books.


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