EliseRivers Perfect Valentine’s Day Harley Cosplay


You will begin to feel your body awakening with enthusiasm when you see what EliseRivers has put together for you today, because she has the right Valentine’s Day gift for you: an unforgettable show where you can hang out with her and marvel at her beauty in her chosen cosplay.

I’m going to keep this quick so you can go ahead and start enjoying this brilliant presentation where you can see EliseRivers wearing a very sexy Harley Quinn costume, and it’s not Arkham Knight, Arkham Asylum, or Suicide Squad Harley, but Arkham City Harley, which is the hottest of all the costumes, and EliseRivers wears it proudly and perfectly with her leathery costume with more cleavage than the original (yeah, I bet you thought that wasn’t possible, but it is), shorter shorts, passionate and inviting makeup, and a pigtailed hairstyle that gives her a dangerous, playful and seductive look.

I’m Elise, I come from the Land Down Under.. I also have a Finnish background, so my bloodline is half Aussie half Finnish. I’m a beach girl & love adventure.

You could say I’m a little dorky, I love collecting 80’s & 90’s things. I was bit of a tomboy growing up doing all the fun things that guys do.


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