Dream! Festival


If you’re looking for a new anime to watch this fall, Dream! Festival is a great anime to start with. This anime had just started, with the first episode airing just this fall.

Dream Festival is about a male group of idols. Amamiya Kanade is a simple individual with a great personality and loves making people smile with just starting off at giving people balloons. He didn’t know that popular idol Haruto Mikami was watching him the entire day. Haruto came up to him and dragged him to their van and asked him if he would like to be an idol.

For some clever reasons, Kanade was toured around by Mikami at D4 Productions that houses famous celebrities and idols. Not everyone who are training in D4 Productions are fond of Kanade like Mikami, especially Junya Sasaki, who doesn’t believe that Kanade has got what it takes to be an idol. Kanade tried to train with Sasaki and the others but he stood out — terribly.

No matter what the others say and made him do, he’s being positive about being able to become an idol although this was not the way he was thinking at first.

On the day of the audition, Kanade though it would be like the previous days where he will just take on a task. He was so shocked when he found out that the audition is actually in front of the live audience!

The audience have this Dream Fes Cards or Dorika where the color and picture changes to become like of the person they idolize. It expresses the audience’s cheers, accepts the emotions of the fans and look just like what the fans would like them to look like.

Although a newbie, Kanade got a lot of Dorika cards than the others that he was able to get the card and made him transform into his costume that he called Vampire Lord Suit. The others were able to transform as well. This is his first experience as an idol and it looks like he’s going to love being one.


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