Provocative Lovisa Has An Urge For Berries


I particularly like the piercing on her cheek, as well as the sensual way in which Lovisa slowly bites on those juicy berries, only to let their juice fall all over her chin and down to her body, aiding the apparent vampiric theme from this GodsGirls set as the sexily smeared juice has a color reminiscent of blood, and her pale skin makes her look like a gorgeous vampire creature of the night who has come out to play with you for a little while as she entrances you with her delicious nude body and has you feed her more of those berries while you watch her slowly covering certain areas of her body with her delicious treat, creating a scene that has a lot of arousing elements as she slowly caresses her skin and licks up the remains of the juice from her fingers, while the rest sits on the very specific areas she has chosen to highlight with it.



Name Lovisa
Age 22
Gender Female
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation Bi
Occupation Art Student
Location Leeds, UK
Hometown Annwn
Sign Sagittarius




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