QueenOfMetal Zombies out

I’m back in Queen of Metal’s room and this time she’s rocking out with a bit of cosplay makeup on. I really love a lot of QueenOfMetal’s looks, but she really elevates her game for tonight’s look. I love the eyes (as always), but it’s the makeup that puts us all in the right mood. She’s always lovely with a hint of danger, but this time the danger is cranked up a notch. I love the decay–the half made face of death with deadly ambition. She’s the demon of nightmares and fantasy. Face it, if you woke up (half asleep) and you saw that face staring at you from above…you’d give in, wouldn’t you?

As always, Queen of Metal explores the sensual through the rough razor’s edge of art and beauty. Her room is a headbangers dream and she’s pretty chill to hang with. Come on in, the music is flowing and those eyes…the horror…the horror.

Username: QueenOfMetal
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Native American
Weight: 666 pounds
Height: 72 inches
Age: 30
City: Hell
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Heavy
Drink: Heavy
Drugs: Never
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Student/Veteran USAF OIF
School: University of Metal
Favorite Food: Metal and small children for breafast
Pets: Metallicat
Automobile: Dodge HEMI V8 5.7L baby!

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