Beatrix Russel by Elena Samko Cosplay


Now there’s a character you don’t see people cosplaying too often!

Here comes Beatrix Russel from Fallout revived by the great Elena Samko Cosplay who did an amazing job.

Great, great, great!

This is very impressive – perfect makeup, perfect character and absolutely unique photos. Well done, girl!

Honestly, I thought this was a photoshop until I saw it was a photo of a cosplayer. Very scary, but really fresh and brave work.

Elena, your Beatrix is probably one of the best works you’ve ever done… Stunning, really stunning. You are a makeup wizard, that’s for sure!

And working days at the Atomic Wrangler casino… You are a true worker, no doubts.

If you find Elena Samko interesting, visit her Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Patreon page and enjoy in her talent.

Photos were taken by Fillakteriart.


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