Orange Episode 009

This is one of the most interesting anime I’ve watched so far. On this episode, it’s refreshing to see that all 5 friends had received a letter from their future selves and all of those letters had one goal — to save Kakeru from an unfortunate fate.

It was Azu’s birthday and according to her letter, her friends will give her a surprise and that each of them will give her a present. She got an umbrella from Hagita and in the alternate reality, it rained so she gave the umbrella to Kakeru and the three girls shared the umbrella with Naho.

All of them planned for this and although the weather forecast said it would not rain, it rained later that afternoon. Surprisingly, all of them brought an umbrella but they did not share it with Kakeru. When Naho offered her umbrella to Kakeru and that she will just share with Azu, Kakeru refused and said he wants to share the umbrella with her and they both walked home together.

When you think that these two would finally start going out, unfortunately, not in this episode. They were okay that they’re friends but they both know they are special.

On the day of their Althetic Meet, Suwa asked his parents to drive Kakeru’s mother to their school to watch the Athletic Meet, which they failed to do in the alternate reality. This made Kakeru smile but he’s still hesitant to admit to the rest of them that his mother already passed away.

Kakeru told Suwa that it’s okay that he and Naho are not going out because he’s worried that he will just hurt Naho. Suwa seemed a little upset so he asked Kakeru if it is okay with him that he asked Naho out. After winning the pole climbing competition, Naho — as the person-in-charge for the first aid — treated Suwa’s wounds from the competition and Kakeru seemed jealous that when it was his turn for Naho to treat his wounds, he slapped her hand away and left. According to Suwa, it is his plan to make Kakeru feel that way so that he will have the courage to finally ask Naho out.

I think it is still a long way before that dreaded date about Kakeru’s fate but I think that everything will change if both Kakeru and Naho finally went out as a couple, don’t you think?

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