Being Harley is Hard


HEIDI says that getting into her Harley Quinn costume today has made her all evil and crazy. Well, actually the Harley level of insane smile is still a challenge, but HEIDI‘s natural smile is so pretty. She says it is hard for her to be Harley because Harley hates Batman way too much for HEIDI. The cosplay looks great on her, although she was considering putting the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn ink on her arm, until she realized how redundant that would be with all her own Heidi Quinn tattoos. She has a fantasy about finding someone willing to cosplay The Joker, Jared Leto style, and do her. Based on how many pre-orders she is getting for her Harley Quinn video, I’m thinking a lot of people share this fantasy. It is free to register your profile tonight to discuss your feelings on Batman and/or The Joker doing Harley Quinn.

Username: HEIDI
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Tags: tattoos, piercings, natural, blue eyes, horror, videos, sexy, spanking, funny, goofy, shaved, artistic, bisexual, single, lesbian, goth, masturbation, blonde, blonde hair, toys, spanks, dancing, oldies, laughing, pierced nipples, sexy ass, domme, findom, small tits, mistress, creative, dominatrix


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