Niennavie bleeds Harley Quinn

It’s not very often that I see a smiling and bloody cam hostess, but Niennavie is not your regular hostess. She is all sorts of awesome and this Harley Quinn costume goes a long way to prove it. If you’ve been living in a cave, there is this movie coming out called Suicide Squad. I know, it’s one of the best kept secrets of the year and it has gotten very little publicity, but in it there is this character named Harley (no, not Kevin Smith’s daughter!). Well, Harley is parts cute, parts dangerous, all nuts. She’s also the star of the show (and I do think she gets her own spin-off. Finally, a character DC did right!).

Niennavie does a rather fantastic job of bringing the brutality of Harley Quinn to life. I really enjoyed my stay in her room and hope to see you there.

CamScore: 2579

19, Caucasian
Tags: petite, small, little, white hair, blonde hair, small tits, tiny, funny, cute,

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