Attack on Titan Season 2 : Cancelled!

Everyone has been waiting for the release of the second season and patiently waiting while watching the reruns of the first season. We thought that the second season will be released very soon but 2015 and 2016 arrived but still no news about the second season.

What we do know, though, that it was set to be released this year (2016); however, it was cancelled. I know it’s very frustrating but based on Inquirer, the show was cancelled because there is not enough manga chapters being available ahead of the anime schedule. We can’t rush something that is really amazing, right?

Then again, we wait again until next year. Who knows? Maybe we’ll finally get to see the second season on the first quarter of 2017. I admire how they did not rush on releasing Attack on Titan Season 2 because it only means that they are really studying the story if the followers are reading manga, they have to prepare well for the second season to avoid upsetting lots and lots of Attack on Titan fans.

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