Sith Assassin Cosplay by Pamelacosplay


When we all hear about the word Sith, the first thought that comes into our minds is the devious Sith Lord who created Darth Vader. However, for all of the “Star Wars Geeks” who know everything about the Star Wars series, the Sith is actually a species of red-skinned humanoids. So to avoid confusion, we use the terms Sith Purebloods for those who were from the Sith species and Sith for those who practice the force from the dark side.

Here’s a red hot Sith Assassin Cosplay by Pamelacosplay also known as the Jedi Ninja. It’s so hot, you’re heart is gonna melt like crazy!!! If you wanna see more of her cosplays, go visit Megacon 2016, she’ll be there.

Photos were taken and edited by Mike W. Mendez.

Star Wars: Sith Assassin

Star Wars: Sith Assassin


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