Let Your Imagination Run Wild With Masuimi


Masuimi’s eyes seem to be so powerful that she feels the need to cover them, probably so you can also witness all her other BarelyEvil attributes clearly without being constantly drawn to them; it is as if her eyes had the power to put you in a pleasant hypnotized state within seconds.

This is a very tasteful Blueblood gallery, since it presents each image as something masterfully artistic and also as something a classy lady would have sent her boyfriend back in the day.

The black and white presentation is both interesting and classic, giving each image a polished look. Additionaly, the fact that Masuimi is wearing what seems to be aviator goggles in some of the images makes me think that each picture is part of a “welcome home” ritual to someone in the air force, which also may come with a Top Gun-like love scene.



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