Reality vs Cosplay


Recently, this has been a trending post on the Cosplay communities because of the bad comments or bullying to cosers. The cosers decided to post that, hey, they’re normal people, too! They only have a more creative hobby and definitely not conventional.

We feature the real faces behind the characters and cosplays to show the effort, money and time the cosers spend just to get the right angle and to look exactly like the characters they portray. It doesn’t matter if they are boys portraying girls or the other way around.

Most, if not all, spend more money on their Cosplay (sometimes they call it “cost” play because it costs a lot) than the prize they will get. If ever there is! Some conventions are held just to gather cashiers’ and there’s no prices there, but our dear cosers is not like everyone who thinks about what they can get after all the effort. Sometimes, just being able to see the other cosers, dressing up as their favorite character, or getting more fans and take their pictures — it’s all that counts to them.


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