If Nico Robin Was A Real Person…


Something I find unique when it comes to One Piece is the way the art is done. Although, yes, the characters still have big eyes but it’s not the usual moe type of art that you see in most animes. One noticeable trait is the characters seem to be pretty tall and thin. Now in anime or manga, yes that’s perfectly fine to look at –hey it is just 2D after all.

Since the characters are drawn like that surely no one would expect cosplays of these characters to look totally the same. I’d expect them to be more attuned to people’s usual body sizes and those were great. I hardly ever expected there to be someone to pull off an almost if not similar body proportion with the characters.

What am I talking about? Well, take a look at Korean cosplayer and musician, Saida’s cosplay of the feisty pirate Nico Robin from One Piece. It’s like looking at 2D step out into reality. Cosplayers like Saida make a perfect explanation of why cosplay is sometimes coined as 2.5D.


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