Adorable SugaryBunny Pink Fascination


Let your worries be washed away by the immensely cute SugaryBunny as she does her name justice, and is also prepared to turn your frown upside down (if you have it) or turn your shy grin into a full-fledged smile with her charming self.

The things you need to know about SugaryBunny today are that she is wearing cat ears (which make her look like the love interest of the anime of your dreams), and she looks really sweet with her pink outfit that either shrunk as I was writing this, or she is already taking stuff off and is also not shy about flashing you.

Now that her outfit has started to come off, she is not only showing you more of her glorious petite body, but she is also doing more flashes while she even meows to render you powerless to resist her attractiveness.

I am sure that you don’t need any more reasons to join her.



hi~ my name is usagi or bunny. my birthdays july 8th & from the magical land of Canada. i started camming in september 2014 and i love it and all of the friends i’ve made here. my birthday is on july 8th and fall is my favourite season ^.^
i’m obsessed with sailor moon, cats, food, and basically anything cute.
feel free to stop by my room & hang out with me i love new friends





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