RazorCandi Doll Is Hot Like A Fireball

RazorCandi comes to you today as a doll you would not mind finding under your Christmas tree this year.

The overall pink color of her clothes and hair works in an eye-catching way with her black eye-shadow and eyeliner which bring out her eyes enhancing that “doll” appearance she has going on and gives her kind of a toothsome bubblegum look and makes you wonder if she could be a playable character in your favorite RPG game.

There are also some other interesting ingredients to this shoot, like the lingerie she has under that alluring corset, which you will not want to wait to see come off, even though RazorCandi looks ravishing in it.

Something impressive about RazorCandi is how she manages to always bring that quality to the table that makes you wonder what comes next, and just when you thought things could not get hotter, she surprises you with something that blows your mind and keeps you captivated and looking forward to her next thrill.

Aside from the pictures from this shoot, there is a video that shows more things that you’ll definitely want to see, for they show much more of the good stuff that only RazorCandi can provide.


I’ve always had an affinity to make up, not because I felt it was a crutch but because I enjoy how one can exaggerate features with it. From an early age I practiced the skill of applying makeup and I feel that with my infusion of artistic talent my creations are more than just enhancing a feature but that of creating art with my face. I’ve also always felt that make up is an essential part of modeling and photography, by using make up to enhance and modify one’s features and to portray a certain emotion by capturing a specific statement I feel that make up speaks volumes. I hope you will enjoy my attempt to transform into an innocent doll and don’t forget to watch the video shot during this set, find out just how quickly my innocence can turn naughty 😉

Words from the photographer: “Stagnation is never good, endless repetition leads to collapse; I am a firm believer that variety and change leads to evolution. I feel I have to say this before I introduce this new set. Bubbly pink doll themes were never something I even thought about integrating into my body of photo work however adding a RazorCandi theatrical twist to it turned out a pretty neat set. When embarking on a project RazorCandi and I always try to find some meta-meaning behind themes and not so much literal interpretation thus the seemingly strange submissions we may have sometimes. One might assume that an overly visual intense look might take away from a theme about eyes; we on the other hand think that all that intensity makes the eyes stand out as more of a symbol of innocence. Hope you all enjoy the set & video!”



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