Bride Of Frankenstein RazorCandi Reanimates Your Franken-weenie


The Frankenstein monster must be really happy right now, because RazorCandi has granted him his wish of having a mate to play with.

You should also be happy, because RazorCandi is wearing a masterfully done Frankenstein’s bride costume that let’s you see a bit of the extravagant and undead features of the character without sacrificing any sensuality in the process, and, in fact, bringing it to a whole new level.

The greatest thing about this costume is that it allows you to see enough to get an idea of the tricks that she has up her sleeve, and they are such that you will feel jealous of the Frankenstein monster once you’ve seen all the lustful things this bride can do.


I’ve always been very interested in the collaboration of art meets erotica but sadly most adult toys and props are generally just realistic or very simple which makes them kind of boring in my opinion unless I am going for something like simplicity, so when I laid eyes on the FREAKS series of toys by Fleshlight my mind jumped into all kinds of creative and artistically erotic ideas. I’m so lucky to have a very special and loyal admirer and follower of my work for years who has provided the opportunity for me to get my hands on all 5 toys and now I give you the first of my five set series – The Bride of Frankenstein!

Words from the Photographer: I love shooting cosplay or anything that challenges the eyes more than your average mundane predictable pictorial.The Bride of Frankenstein was one of the most fun shoots I ever took part in. From the beginning there was a personal preference for the horror theme and combined with a few funny DIY solutions and Razorcandi’s wonderful presence I believe we really brought this monster to life! Hope you enjoy the set and trust me, you’ll wanna get her incentives this time for sure! Cheers!




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