The Refreshing Gothic Side Of Kasey Kasket


Kasey Kasket is like the X-men (X-woman?) I would love to see in a movie; I am not sure what her power would be, at the moment I can only think of her ability to turn every thought in your mind to a naughty one. The long lost cousin of Storm, maybe?

In this gallery, Blueblood goes for the cool, blue elements in its images to bring out the seductive and mildly extravagant appearance of Kasey.

The most notable part, however, is not the blueness, but Kasey Kasket’s makeup, which manages to be appealing, while also presenting a large dose of psychedelic feel to it that has your eyes debating where to look next.

It has simple Gothic Sluts elements, but they all work in a gorgeous way, and, while there are not many black elements in the image, it is a great example of how the gothic does not always have to be all black and white.


Feeling too sick to make my own coffee and needed to file my taxes, so I just ventured out for USPS and iced coffee and it is crazy hot in Los Angeles today. Here is some cool-toned spooky ooky Kasey Kasket, lensed by yours truly and Forrest Black, for a welcome blast of chill air.
–Amelia G




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