Mandy and the Frog Prince

Mandy plays a princess waiting for her prince in this set by GodsGirls. The frog prince is an old story about a true prince being turned into a frog by an evil crone. He is doomed to be a frog forever until true love’s kiss yada yada girl kisses frog and gets a hot guy. Well, this is the same sort of concept except this princess doesn’t stop at kissing the frog. I really wish I could show you a few poses but let’s just say the frog’s tongue is put to good use. Actually, there is also a pretty darn funny picture where Mandy is simulating (I hope) sex with the frog from behind and his eyes are popping out of his little froggy skull. I’d show you this picture, but she’s quite topless at the time. These pictures make me believe that Mandy isn’t “that” sort of proper princess, but rather the Madonna of Princesses. So, if you have ever wanted to see a sweet and demure fairy princess get completely freaky with a frog, then this indeed is a shoot for you. Even if you just want to see an attractive woman have some fun with a stuffed animal (no pun) this shoot can provide the goods. I really do love Mandy’s look the innocent with the sexual experimentation. I hope to see more of her (with or without the frog) in the future.


Description : The old fairy tale was supposed to just involve a kiss, wasn’t it? But hell.. if Mandy wants add rolling around naked and placing the frog on her pink parts – we sure as hell ain’t gonna complain.
Photographer : matthew cooke
Make Up Artist : pia
Wardrobe provided by : amy fiorito


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