Jenni Lee makes every Trekkie sigh


This shoot by Chad Michael Ward is a real treat for me. It brings my love for Star Trek and melds it with the hot Jenni Lee. I like Jenni Lee, and not just because my home town is Las Vegas, but because she really seems to love what she does. At first I am nervous that Jenni Lee is a red shirt. I keep expecting one of the props to fall on her or a space gorilla to do something vile. However, as the shoot progresses, I am assured that none of the usual “Red Shirt” rules apply to Jenni Lee.

Sure, that does throw a monkey (or space gorilla) wrench into the Star Trek mythos, but, let’s face it, Security Officer #14 never had a power-dent butt like that. I’m sure Kirk would have thrown himself in front of the phaser fire to save Jenni Lee (or at least he would have pushed Sulu in front of it).

jenni lee star trek

When I was a kid, my parents were very down on me watching almost any television. Other than Sesame Street, they were oddly lenient about Star Trek re-runs. Once I was old enough to understand how heavy-handed a lot of Star Trek’s themes were, I was not so into it, but the Erotic Fandom launch just has to include a Star Trek homage. It’s just a requirement.
–Amelia G

jenni lee star trek


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