Kelli LaPlegua is a living artwork


Kellie LaPlegua is pretty expressive. She uses each inch of her body to emote to the camera; as you can see, even when her face is covered, her eyes tell a story. A lot of models can appear like plastic dolls that don’t really have a life of their own. This is where Amelia G and Forrest Black luck out because, as talented as they are, the level is brought up a notch with models like Kellie LaPlegua. Not to mention the fantastic design by Louis Fleischauer of AMF Korsets. I have seen a bit of Louis Fleischauer’s work before and the quality and imagery is spot on–a merging of beauty with something primal. This picture set balances nature with a force that is a bit dark; in the end, isn’t that what nature really is? The dark and the light? I think this photo set does a great job displaying the true dynamics of life.


The very talented Louis Fleischauer stayed up all night before this shoot, creating this extravagant piece of wearable art on the theme of tongues speaking from all angles. If you have the most recent issue of Marquis magazine, then you have seen Kellie LaPlegua modeling this and sharing some of her most appalling domination dungeon tales, but Blue Blood VIP members get to see the whole series. The pets belong to Bradical; I had a concept for incorporating them, but Kellie is a way way better model than Bradical’s pets.
–Amelia G


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