Friday the 13th – LeiaDown is Jason Voorhees


LeiaDown clearly does not suffer from triskadaphobia. LeiaDown is celebrating Friday the 13th with the most creepy and wonderful Jason Voorhees cosplay and murder game ever. She has Camp Crystal Lake all mapped out, with each different victim-to-be indicated by a different number. So, for example, if there is a smiley face with a 5 next to it, then I could tip 5 tokens and then LeiaDown will use magic marker to set him on fire or push him in the lake or cut off various body parts (sometimes after drawing them on first.) So far, LeiaDown‘s room appears to be mostly filled with pyromaniacs, as a lot of things are on fire, but some campers still need to be drowned. LeiaDown says, “If you don’t burn down Camp Crystal Lake in an hour and a half, then no come celebration.” I’m pretty sure there is no chance of this camp surviving the next hour and a half. I love that LeiaDown is wearing hashtag panties underwear in case Jason wants to take a selfie. #lakehouse #selfie

Friday the 13th - LeiaDown is Jason Voorhees

Friday the 13th - LeiaDown is Jason Voorhees

Name: LeiaDown
CamScore: 4597.4
Gender: Female
Weight: 129 pounds
Age: 26
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
About Me: I am a true villainess who has the power to morph into any character you desire. I have 50+ characters and it grows with your tips. I am always in character during my show. Before all my shows; I take a shower, brush my teeth and get all oiled up. My masks are painted on and I have never done a show without a mask nor do I plan too. Every villainess has her true identity thats a secret. If you know me, keep it to yourself. Do not ruin it for everyone else.
Meaning of Life: To get off.
Five Things I Can’t Live Without: Cock, Pussy, Toys, Good Leather, & Stilettos
What I Like To Do For Fun: I like to kidnap and use men for my own self pleasure and occasionally women. I will transform into any character to be able to accomplish my mission.
Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done: As of right now, I disguised myself as nurse headed into a hospital and contained a victim who had been admitted for having a hard on longer than four hours. After I was done with him, he will probably never get a boner again.
Hobbies: Fucking, Sucking & Licking…Let Your Imagination Run
Talents: I can morph into anyone I want.
Perfect Mate: YOU!
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I am Here & I am Real


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