Let Angelmusk Dressed as Snow White Lay Some Wisdom on You

Angelmusk is doing Snow White cosplay right now, but she is giving advice on how to live a happier life. One of the guys in her room was feeling bad about himself and she gave him some kind but tough advice, like genuine useful advice. I was going to talk about her cute accent, which I think is in between Kiwi and Brit, but this Aragorn aficionado is apparently a pretty good digital therapist and somehow that makes the other part seem like something I should write more about later. All kind of surreal but nice.

angel musk cam snow white

Name: Angelmusk
CamScore: 4921.6
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Weight: 110 pounds
Height: 163 centimeters
Age: 20
City: Lothlorien, Middle Earth
Country: New Zealand
Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
Smoke: Herb
Drink: Light
Drugs: Experimented
Occupation/Major: Jewellery maker/Unintentional badass/Psychonaut
Pets: Cats
About Me: Sup! I’m pretty opinionated and sorta controversial, just warnin’. I am what is considered an INTJ on the Myers Briggs personality test.
This in no way accurately describes who I am as a person, it’ll just give you a general gist as I have never been good at portraying myself in a couple of paragraphs.
I love discussions. Conversation really depends on the topic and energy in the room, so I’ll leave half of that to you! 😉

The major reason I am on MFC is because I want to save enough money to fly overseas and do volunteer work. Thank you all so much for helping me towards this.

P.S-No marriage talk, please, you’ll put me to sleep.

Tags: elf, open minded, forest_nymph, cosplay, smart, intelligent, natural, psychedelic, 420, curvy, unique, friendly, brunette, young, cute, pixie, lotr, green eyes, tease
Meaning of Life: I refuse to believe that I’m primarily here to reproduce or ‘make my mark’ on the world. I kinda detest living a life like that.
I don’t really think there is a meaning of life itself, it’s the search for the meaning that completely eradicates and blinds us of the truth. We are as we are and we’re all connected and whole already.

While I’m alive and conscious I’ll continue to spend my time here expanding my senses and my psyche. We’re special in that regards as a species, there are infinite possibilities and boundaries to explore and that, for me atleast, gives my life enough meaning.
Five Things I Can’t Live Without: Spirituality, animals, nature, music, love.
Favorite Songs: Metal, deathcore, death metal, hardcore, post hardcore, celtic folk, progressive metal, trip-hop, alternative, electronica
Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings
Hobbies: Astrology, Jewellery making, Wire wrap, Pyrography/drawing/sketching/painting etc. Cooking, Transcending spiritual realms, yknow, the usual.
Perfect Mate: Aragorn
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: What can I say? I have plenty of stories to tell if you can get me talking

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