Creating Zombies – Now With Less Biting!


Zombies are definitely popular these days and who doesn’t get sucked into the whole ‘this is what I would do if zombie’s were after me’ thing? For me – I’ll probably run for a while, piss myself, and end up becoming one of them. I’m not going to bullshit myself into thinking I’ll be a hero during the zombie Apocalypse. I’ll be food. Case closed.

But aside from all that doom and gloom, you can play zombie with this nicely done makeup tutorial. MichellePhan always has really nice tutorials and this one didn’t disappoint. She based her male zombie look on the lead character -R – from the movie ‘Warm Bodies‘. Her male model (boyfriend?) was quite good looking, almost a shame to zombify him! In the end it looked really well done – especially the sunken eyes.


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