What Might Have Been – Bladerunner Edition


It is the 30th anniversary of epic scifi masterpiece Bladerunner and all this talk about a new, female led sequel has us all in a tizzy. But it’s a new video on Youtube that Joanna Cassidy has released that is really getting the creative juices flowing. Cassidy’s Zhora, an android dancer, was supposed to have had a scene where she danced with a snake, but was never filmed. Now she has taken it upon herself to fix this grave error and we applaud her. I’m not sure if this means she’s gunning for a part in the new movie or just trying to honor her resplendent past, but either way, we, her fandom is quite pleased.

To all the fans of my work and especially Bladerunner, I have put up on my YouTube Channel the dance from Bladerunner that could have been, and since it is the 30th anniversary of the film, I wanted to acknowledge and celebrate the genius that went into the making of this very special movie.


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