True Blood: Dress Like Pam


You know from my True Blood reviews that Pam is by far my favorite character on True Blood. She’s sassy, fashionable as all hell and not afraid to cut a bitch. Those are qualities that I look for in people. It’s been working out for me pretty well so far. When it came to my attention that the HBO Store was offering one of Pam’s sexiest looks for sale, well I could not have been more elated. Now you, yes YOU, you lucky viewer you, can dress up just like Pam in this Cat & Flower Sweatshirt!!! You know Imma get me one. I’ve compiled Pam’s greatest looks from the past season below. Let’s not put her on blast for that crimped hair fiasco. I think she learned her lesson.

Turning Tara wasn’t the only thing Pam was against this season in True Blood – she put up a big stink when she had to be caught dead, literally, in this Cat & Flower Sweatshirt. Adorned with a kitten amongst daises and butterflies, you too could look as good as Pam! Halloween costume? I think you found it.

pam true blood Sweater


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