Beginner Prop Making


Over on BlueBlood, I wrote a piece about the upcoming Wasteland Weekend party/event in the California Desert. I attended last year and had a blast and was thoroughly blown away by the cool stuff people had made. Not just costumes, but props and cars too. I had made Fallout themed buttons and stickers to hand out but a lot of people went above and beyond. I won’t be able to go this year but people in my tribe are continuing to make cool props. Check out this Ammo Box Speaker by Paul Denton that he made for his Jeep.

Replaced jeep’s ancient cassette deck (!) with MP3/CD player. New system sounds great, but stock speakers play directly to my knees, rather than ears. Sacraficed two old .50 boxes to make set of speakers for back seat, or hood, or even the GPW.

If you don’t have the proper tools to make a speaker box, why not start with some Nuka caps? Deviant art user Appleofecstacy has a step by step tutorial to get you started. Click the link for the whole shebang. For more ideas and tutorials try Instructables, they have a vast collection of projects for you to peruse. Get making!


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