Arrrrrrrrrr Eye Patch Wench


godsgirls lavender eye patchThe God’s Girls site has a somewhat fantasy-themed update where New Zealand fangirl Lavender. Lavender’s profile on the site lists her favorite movies as, “Grease, Rocky Horror, Harry Potter, Twilight.” and her favorite reading material as, “Crappy romance novels, anything with vampires etc.” I can certainly get with that. Lavender seemed like an interesting person, but, when I was looking through the site last week, I thought all of the photo/video content of her was really awful, mostly an experiment is bad wig application. Then this To the Shore photo shoot posted and it is just terrific. The colors are artistic. Her outfit is creative and goes with the hair. The unusual beach trees she poses in front of look really fantastical. And there is a fancy eye patch involved.


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