Juggalo 420 Hotness for my Ninjazzz


wicked klowness 420I’d usually be concerned if a friend of mine told me he was dating a girl who listed her turn-ons as “Klowns, facepaint, carnivals, JUGGALOS, tattoos, piercings, creativity, lol and guys that arent afraid to throw me around”. Darned if Wickid Klowness 420 is not one very attractive woman nonetheless. She manages to make juggalo clown makeup super sexy. She jumps on cam, with her big smile, sexy gothic punk little outfits, surprisingly sexy clown makeup, colorful hair, and a marijuana pipe she regularly sparks up. Wickid Klowness 420 says her band covers Insane Clown Posse and Marilyn Manson in concert. On cam, she enjoys toys, rubber, sexy strip dancing, and, of course, juggalette paint.


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