Bottomless Pornobearz Furries Monopoly


charlotte julene pornobearzGod’s Girls just keeps coming with the bottomless furries. In this photographic series, there are, not one, but two women with bear heads and (naked) girl bodies. And the naked bear girls are playing the Parker Brothers Monopoly board game. I could wish that the explicit portion of this pornobearz shoot was as fabulous as the opening and I did want to know who won that game of Monopoly. The opener on this with the two bikini-clad bears playing Monopoly is just genius surreal fun.

Parker Brothers is an American success story. Founded in the late 1800’s by game designer George S. Parker, the company was responsible for most major board games, including Risk, Sorry, Clue, and, of course, Monopoly. So that more than a hundred years later naked girls would have what to play while wearing giant bear heads.


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