Geek Girls Online Scarlett Sin



Location: Charlotte, NC
Occupation: Photocopier

Table Top/Pen and Paper RPG: Ravenloft
Video Game: Animal Crossing on both Gamecube and ds
Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Movie: right now? Return to House on Haunted Hill or Shutter
Book: Invisible Monsters
TV Show: MXC!!!
Quote: “I’m too LA for this town”

Computer Setup
OS: MAC OS X.5.2
Browser: Safari
Video Card: ATI Radeno X1600
Ram: 1G
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Bought or Built: Bought

Sexuality: bi
Smoker?: social smoker
Drinker?: yes!
Partier?: kinda

Mini Bio: I love horror movies, porn, video games, reading, making music and getting naked. i wish i didn’t have to have a boring office job so i could spend all day playing and saving the world. i am a quiet easy going girl and i love spending time on my couch with my cats playing on my computer or collecting bells. >_<


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