What is a chode?

There seems to be much debate on what the word chode means and why it is funny that the captain on Tripping the Rift answers to Chode. The Urban Dictionary has a raging debate of 333 definitions for the term. Most people, meaning those who do not spend all their time engaged in flame wars on UrbanDictionary.com, agree that chode refers literally to the perineum, the location between a gentleman’s scrotum and testicles. In colloquial use, calling someone a chode tends to mean you think they are an unsmooth idiot or at least acting like one. Some men find it comfortable to use various commercially available powders in the chode region in order to prevent chafing. That is all you all need to know about what Stephen Root meant about what a chode is. You can all stop emailing now. Future debate on the definition should be directed to UrbanDictionary. Thank you. (via Urban Dictionary)

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