Yoda or Darth Vader Platinum Visa Credit Card


Are you thinking to yourself that you would like to buy a Princess Leia costume and a GothicSluts.com membership, but you need a credit card? Apparently it is possible to get either a Yoda or Darth Vader Platinum Visa credit card from the Star Wars site. Bonus Limited-Edition, Chrome Jango Fett Mini Bust by Gentle Giant Studios included with certain purchase patterns, plus more “Galactic Rewards.” Provided you make at least $15,000 a year. Unless you are a student. Then those requirements are waived. I thought one had to make more than that to get a platinum card. How times have changed since the days when my young mind was corrupted by my first glimpse of Lord Vader lifting some poor slob up by his neck.

I think Yoda probably has bad credit though. I’d have to go with sexy Darth for my pay-you-later shopping needs. Yoda is practically the patron saint of longshot causes. He probably does all right for himself, for a guy who ends up living in a swamp most of the year. Low cost of living there. But I bet he lends money to friends who are complete deadbeats. Darth Vader, on the other hand, probably got as big a credit line as he wanted from any contracters who ever wanted work building a Death Star in this universe again. Yes, definitely going with the Darth Vader card.

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