Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Digital


Mamegal pictured here is my favorite of the digital girls Wired, or at least intrepid writer Brian Lam, is excited about today. An Italian promoter named Franz Cerami is trying to start an agency for virtual girls. Just because the talent is not real does not mean that someone is not going to try to take their cut. How terribly William Gibsonesque. In all fairness, some of these digital dreamgirls are far more appealing that usual internet fare.

Here are my favorite contestant’s stats: HEIGHT: 5’4″
WEIGHT: 102 pounds
BORN: Tokyo, Japan
WARE SHE CAME FROM: 3D Studio Max 5.1, Character Studio, Brazil Rendering System
MANAGER: Koji Yamagami
CLAIM TO FAME: Poster girl for Discreet’s 3D Studio Max Software
PERSONALITY PLUS: Driven, extroverted
WORKING ASSET: Roppongi-ready muscle tone

(via Wired)

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