Totally Legal Nico Yazawa Cosplay

I’m pretty sure by now the anime Love Live has made its way into the consciousness of everyone who is into anime – especially idol animes. The anime has come a long way. After being granted another season, an original video animation, a game version, and even live events this franchise has even earned itself a new generation of idols after the first group has “graduated”. That being said, who could ever forget this jailbait of a character, Nico Yazawa? Appearing younger than her actual age, she is actually a senior in the group.

Cosplayer, Ling ye zero (-零夜zeroo-恋萌会), has something similar with this character. They’re both blessed with youth. BUT! Although the character, Nico Yazawa, may be in high school and happans to be a legit loli and a legit jailbait, but this cosplayer is certainly not. So put down that phone and don’t call the cops on this page and enjoy this cosplay of Nico Yazawa!

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