Fujibayashi Kyou Cosplay, So Pure and Innocent

While most people’s favorite character in Clannad is always the main character because of their tear-jerking story which left thousands of viewers drowning in their own tears and snot, apparently some people, specially cosplayer, bitterNsweet(pseudonym), might have thought otherwise when she decided to cosplay Kyou Fujibayashi.

In every group of girls present in an anime, there’s always a tsundere character. In Clannad, that role goes to Kyou, a harsh-mouthed, violent, insensitive girl who (yep you’ve guessed it) also happens to be internally the exact opposite of the prior mentioned attitudes. Her attitude is very much like that of Kagami from Lucky Star, and you know what else they have in common? They both have younger twin sisters who are both similar in their being timid and soft spoken.

You might be thinking that based on the character description, this anime sounds like a cliche and is not worth checking out at all. WRONG! It is definitely worth the time and the tears to watch.

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