Bromantic Enjolras and Grantaire Les Miserables Cosplay by GoldenMochi and XMoonLillyX

Enjolras‘ fiery determination and Grantaire’s chilly wit make for a dynamic personality clash between the two characters, which is why many ship them. But even those who don’t ship them have to admit that they’re bosom buddies, at least in the musical (and even a little in the book). The beauty of GoldenMochi and XMoonLilyX’s cosplay is that it could go either way, with the touching foreheads possibly a manifestation of camaraderie or a pre-kiss (or both, since friendship and romance are far from mutually exclusive!). Photographer Madame Lapin’s blurred background works to bring the focus back on their relationship in a wonderful way.


I just like how intense I look in this photo. I so rarely look intense, so being able to do it for an intense character is good news! (Also my gorgeous Grantaire in a photo with me <3)

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