Miley Needs A Companion In the Vault

Miley, from CosplayErotica, is cosplaying as a vault dweller from Fallout ’76. Just about everyone who has grown up in one of the vaults dreams of getting out and exploring the wasteland one day. But, if Miley was in that vault with you then you wouldn’t ever want to leave. Nothing in the wasteland could hold up to how gorgeous this woman is.

She is absolutely rocking her Vault tech issued jumpsuit. It’s so skintight that it shows off all of her wonderful curves. And, while this girl is so gorgeous that she doesn’t need to wear makeup, the black and lipstick really works for her. My favorite part about her whole getup, however, is the long braid she’s got going on. There is something so sexy about hair long, luscious hair in a braid.

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