Have You Ever Seen A White Blood Cell Look So Good?

Cells At Work, Japan’s adorable take on what reminds some people of Osmosis Jones with a little bit of Magic School Bus is one of the absolute fan favorites among the 2018 anime releases. After all, what’s better than watching anthropomorphized versions of red blood cells getting lost inside the human body, cute platelets patching up a wound, and white blood cells mercilessly yet comically decapitating a bad bacteria that goes into the body?

Even though the anime has long finished airing, the story continues through the comic books distributed through Monthly Shōnen Sirius and Bessatsu Friend. It continues to have a good number of following within the otaku community all over Japan and overseas.

As a salute to the genius of this story and to the genius who looked at a microbiology book and thought, this is boring, so let’s make it into a comical anime, here’s a cosplay of a white blood cell.

Cosplayer: 二明_小觉世界第一

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