Tokyo Ghoul re: Season 2: Place: And So, Once Again

Wow…Tokyo Ghoul re: (Tokyo Ghoul season 4) did not let us wait long and it is here right away as it was released just this October 9th. Who else is loving the new intro music? The intro is a track by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure titled “katharsis”.

It seems that after the previous season, Sasaki turned back to Kaneki full time and there’s no turning back. On the eyes of his co-workers, his methods had changed a lot. We can see this on the first few minutes of the first episode when he was interrogating. You can see from little things, he’d become violent. And, oh! His hair turned back to black, which was the original hair color of Kaneki.

Eto Yoshimura, a renowned author, announced to everyone via press conference that she is a ghoul and this brought shock to everyone — both humans and ghouls. There’s a very short back story about Eto Yoshimura (or Sen Takatsuki) but it doesn’t answer a lot of question. The old man Yoshimura from Anteiku has the same last name as her and revealed that she is his daughter but the story does not elaborated that much. Given that half of the people watching this anime have not gone through reading the manga version, they should put that into consideration. During the last few episodes of the previous season, it was shown that a girl was named Eto but that’s just it. I have a feeling she’s not a fan of Anteiku and the people living in it. Why was she separated from him?

According to Eto, they belong to Washu clan aka an organization called “V” and one of their members is Rize, the person who is entirely the reason why Kaneki became a ghoul.

It’s crazy how a lot of people are still looking for Rize.

Finally, Kaneki busted Hinami out and hopefully saved her from being executed.

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