The Phoenix Rises Again With Dani Jensen

When Dani Jensen, from VR CosplayX, does a cosplay the Phoenix won’t be the only thing rising. In this scene you’re Cyclops, and after you accuse Jean Grey of cheating on you she’s ready to use all of her powers to convince you she’s only got eyes for you.

Dani Jensen completely nails the Jean Grey look. Seeing this real-life Jean Grey you can understand why Wolverine and Cyclops have been fighting over her so long. She has an amazing face, body, and hair; or in other words the full package. And, the superhero latex look definitely works for this beauty.

You’ve just moved in with Phoenix but you’re feeling somewhat burdened with guilt after f***ing Emma Frost just last week. Paranoia is starting to get the best of you Cyclops. The serious repercussions of her finding out about your infidelity are starting to surface in your mind. You’ve finally managed to control the powerful lasers that shoot out of your eyes, but as it turns out, you miss your visor. In the good old days, no one would be able to look into your guilty eyes unless they wanted a face full of energy beam. Things are different now – your only move now is to project your guilt on her. Classic. When you accuse her of f***ing Wolverine, she insists on showing you that you’re the only one she loves…

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