South Park’s World of Warcraft Griefer (Jenkins) Cosplay by Jared NWBZPWNR

The World of Warcraft Griefer who goes by “Jenkins” is only featured in one episode of South Park, but it’s an extremely popular episode, and he is an extremely popular character. Jarod: NWBZPWNR’s cosplay from BlizzCon really brings out Jenkins’ silently malicious quality. In addition, his dedication to the depiction is admirable–bringing a desk and computer to complete the gamer character–and the props are astoundingly accurate from the placement of soda cans and the stray CD to the red computer and action figure on top of it. This is one of the best South Park cosplays out there. Photo taken by Phil Hornshaw.


Jenkins the Griefer Cosplay by Jared NWBZPWNR

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