Get Well Soon, Ashe_Maree

When I tuned in, Ashe_Maree was viciously stabbing a balloon which was oddly holding its own. She eventually got it to pop, but it was some serious looner attack to get it to burst. I kind of thought she was cosplaying someone iconic from a horror movie I haven’t happened to see. Like “Here’s Johnny!” but not played by Jack Nicholson. Or maybe played by Jack Nicholson, but a different flick. With her kohl-rimmed crazy eyes and violent balloon aggression and screaming, I assumed she was rocking that cosplay. The detail of the little pale balloon having a scared face made it all the better and more convincing. Turns out she just still looks that beautiful while nursing a truly horrible cold, just with a sexy possessed vibe. You go, girl. Get well soon, Ashe_Maree.

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