Insatiable Episode 1

Insatiable is Netflix’s new drama series that will leave you asking for more.

They say high school never ends because let’s face it, some people can never or doesn’t want to get over high school. Patty was an unhealthy teenager who loves to divulge to unhealthy snacks binge watching with her best friend. Because of her shape, she was the target of other teenagers who’s got nothing better to do than bully other kids.

Bob Armstrong is a coach for beauty pageant and did his best his entire life dedicated to pageant. An unfortunate event turned his life upside down when Regina stood on stage and told everyone that Bob molested his candidate that is why she was not able to concentrate to the pageant and lost. I know, it’s like high school. And like high school, everybody believed her even though she did not press any charges.

Patty met Bob when they were looking for a lawyer to present them when Patty hit a homeless man when he harassed her and called her a fatty because she wouldn’t give him her snacks.

Although a lot of people cried foul and that this show represents fat shaming, Debby Ryan said in an interview that this show is not about fat shaming but for girls to stand up for themselves — may it be for bullying or feeling bad about themselves. I can say that this show leaves a strong mark for transforming your life and lifestyle into something you’d be proud of.

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