Cells At Work Cosplay By Natsume

Where was “Cells at Work” anime when I needed it in school? If I watched this back then I think I would have better remembered or even paid more attention in class about the cells in the body. The anime centers around the anthropomorphized cells of a human body and their journey to keep the body healthy and fighting against the invading germs that go into the body. Reading that may not sound as attractive but trust me, it’s better to watch.

One of the characters in the story is a “Neutrophil”. In the anime, it’s shown as a guy. But in Natsume’s cosplay, she must have thought that with all the male neutrophil cosplays popping up, why not have a female neutrophil? It’s not impossible! So instead of crossplaying as the main neutrophil in the story who is portrayed to be male, it seems she has decided to portray the female counterpart.

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